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This registration form is limited to one submission only. Make sure that you have selected all of the workshops that you would like to attend below. If you need to update your workshop attendance after submitting this form, please contact Jennifer Smith at

Workshop 1:
Are You Ready to Get it Started? What is your market and industry?

This workshop will cover initial steps to organizing and registering your business.

It will also cover industry research that addresses standards, trends, sales, and growth. You will learn how SIC and NASIC codes work.

Key to success of any business is its marketing strategies, but often it is forgotten in the planning of a startup. Identification of your niche market and strategies to get your product to market.

Workshop 2:
So, You Thought You Had a Plan. Now, let’s get one!

This workshop will look at the benefits of a business plan, including ways to fund your business through financial institutions or private investors.

A business plan is essential for every company’s success. You will understand the purpose of and process for writing a business plan that will serve you well – now and in the future!

Workshop 3:
Show Me the Money!

This workshop will consist of diverse ways of money sourcing, financial planning, and tools for business management. A guest speaker will present on how to save and prevent losing money and on how to get organize.

Business Coaching

We offer Business Coaching:

Business coaching is a relationship/partnership between a coach and entrepreneur seeking to maximize and optimize their business opportunity for the greatest success. Coaching instills confidence of the entrepreneur to realize their vision for their business. It supports the company values and culture the entrepreneur established within their business. Coaching relationships work to clarify and establishes accountability for the business owner.

Cost per hour: $50.00

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