Turning Our Vision into Reality

At the heart of Saint Paul’s African American history is the Rondo neighborhood. Before the construction of I-94, the Rondo community was home to 85 percent of Saint Paul’s African American population. Although there is still strong community cohesion, the fact remains that African American narratives are consistently excluded from mainstream historical and cultural documentation.

This prompted the Aurora Saint Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation to create a historic context in order to ensure that history’s focus would be expanded from white-dominated narratives to include narratives of their own.

Social Development

Council for Black Male Success

Our partnership with CBMS allows us to address the social and economic needs of Black males between the ages of 11 and 35.

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN)

Our partnership with the SPPN engages youth in Saint Paul’s Frogtown, Rondo and Summit University neighborhoods to address the educational achievement gap.

Physical Development

Western U Plaza

Western U Plaza (Old Home Milk Dairy)

Located at 470 Western Avenue in Saint Paul, MN. Western U Plaza is a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that offers access to affordable housing, community investments, small business and job opportunities.

In partnership with a private developer SAND Companies, Inc, ASANDC is co-developer and owner.

Economic Development

Fire Your Boss

This program provides small business training for entrepreneurs; and technical assistance for small businesses owner, these programs target African American entrepreneurs/small business owner.

The Rondo Arts Culture, Business Heritage District (RACBHD)

A collaborative effort to encourage cultural preservation and culturally based economic development in our community targeting the African-American community.

Housing Opportunity Made Equitable Collaboration (HOMECO)

A collaborative with Model Cities and Build Wealth Minnesota to create opportunities for wealth creation among populations of color through advocacy, financial education and comprehensive housing solutions.

Hmong Musicians

Community Development

ASANDC was founded to address the needs in the Rondo neighborhood. The Power of One Plus One Program (PO1+1) was a grassroots leadership program designed to provide community members with extensive training, resources, and a network of mutual support that allowed them to create positive changes within their community.

Discovering the Power of One Plus One

In 2009, after over a decade on the road and bound by prostitution, Tisha finally returned home to Saint Paul, settling in Rondo. With five children and few opportunities, Tisha relied on her community to find stability for the first time, and she wanted to give something back. She found her vehicle in the Power of One Plus One resident leadership program.

Frogtwon/Rondo Action Network (FRAN) was a collaborative of local, public agencies and residents with a mission to implement a community action agenda aimed at community stability, enhancement, and prosperity.